BRIAN WATFORD brings a new breath of experience and vision to the design industry. His ability to create interiors that are effortless, yet still are able to invoke the best of modernism, international style, and old world classics have become his signature appeal. With an unwavering attention to detail, Brian melds sophistication and practicality with keen regard to a sense of space and scale. Unique, timeless design arrives in many forms. It's a collection of ideas and special pieces that speak of quality and luxury. Rare finds and treasures for the home are gathered over years. It takes a unique talent to put that collecting and curating into place within real-life time constraints. 


His Atlanta-based design firm, Brian Watford Interiors, has developed a well-deserved reputation for respecting clients' daily lives, while offering seamless design service. Every stage of the  creative process is a collaboration that ensures all expectations are exceeded. 

For Brian, design is about creating unique lifestyle experiences. Each interior curated as a fresh reflection of the client's vision and individual needs.